Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Summer Fun

Wow! It's been a busy busy summer for us. Last year our summer "sucked" for lack of a better word, but this year it's gorgeous and it seems we're cramming in everything we missed out on last summer into this one!
Here are a few photos of what we've been up to lately.

Hailie opening more birthday presents.

She just loves her new doll from Great Grandma Stella

Hailie and Great Grandma Stella

Shelby teaching Hailie different colors. She's so smart already and for the most part can pick out the color you ask for. 

Hailie helping Shelby and I clear out the yard. We'v started clearing out the back part of our acre lot in hopes of having a few goats and chickens on the other side of the garage. We made about 10 trips to the back yard fire pit in the drizzling rain and Hailie just loved it! 

Shelby's been doing a lot of this....

by a lot of these. 

We've had so many wonderful nights by the fire and the bugs aren't too bad this year...even in this heat!
Hope you're getting out there and enjoying your summer too! It will be gone before we know it.

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  1. It sure looks like you are having a great summer- and Hailie looks like a sweetie!!


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