Sunday, March 25, 2012

New toy for my Kitchen!

I have wanted one of these for a very long time but couldn't justify the $300+ cost of one, but.....Walmart had a sale! They were marked down to $196!  I was there the other day and put one in my cart, did all the rest of my shopping, and then put it back on the shelf just before I checked out - still didn't want to spend that much money on a mixer. I reasoned that my hands were still good enough for kneading dough and I have a wonderful hand-held mixer that I've been using for years. I really don't have the counter space, it's too much money...etc etc.

I went back to Walmart a few days later and there were only a handful left on the shelf and it looked like all the black ones (the color I wanted) were sold out but I just kept going past them and focused on the items I needed to pick up. 

Then, today I had a nap with Miss Pearl and a dream that I had the mixer and was loving it! When I woke up I was kicking myself for not getting it at that great price. So....I asked Shelby to run to town today (she has her driver's license now - that's pretty handy!) and pick one up for me. It. Was. The. Last. Black.One.

So I spent this afternoon rearranging my countertop so I could make room for it.

I think I'm in LOVE!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

New Listings on Ebay

Just listed a couple of antique rolling pins on Ebay with hand made sleeves. I have more to finish up and list soon. Click here to visit my listings.

We're finally getting more Spring-like temps which is good - poor plants and animals must be so confused. I think the snow is over though and we're enjoying the cooler temps for now. At least this cold snap will kill off some of the mosquitoes that were already being a nuisance. It's amazing how quickly the bugs come out with warm weather!

Have a great weekend!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Where are you Spring?

Anyone else go from winter to summer and miss out on spring altogether?
It was +27C here the shade!!! We were all out in the yard in t-shirts and pants and had to change into shorts it was so hot! Where are you spring????

But like my Dad said earlier today...winter's not over yet -LOL

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Playing Catch Up...

It's been ages since I've posted....I've been super busy...but it's time to catch up. Please know that I've been reading all your blogs and keeping up to date with everyone even if I haven't commented much.

There will be some very random posts in the next couple of days that may or may not be in any particular order so here goes!

I was published in my first Gooseberry Patch Cookbook! How cool is that? I think it's great of them to send you a free book when they use one of your recipes. There are a few in this one that I plan to make.

We've done a bit of this's been a really easy winter for us compared to others! Hailie loves being out in the snow. We made snow angels and a snowman last week too.

And we even got to go out ice fishing this winter. My brother bought a new hut and my Dad took us out. Hope to get out this weekend as it's the last weekend for pickerel fishing and it's supposed to be a gorgeous weekend with temps in the + and sunny!

My Dad, Miss Pearl, Lynn (my brother's girlfriend) and brother Vic. We didn't catch any fish that time but had a great day on the lake!

Well that's it for now...more random posts to come :)

Another Penny Rug Christmas Tree

Just listed another one on Ebay. Off to make a couple more for my craft sale!