Thursday, October 27, 2011

Fall Decorations

I guess I should share a bit of my indoor Fall decorations before I take it all down next week...LOL
As soon as Halloween is over, it's time to start the long process of decorating for Christmas. I'm glad our Thanksgiving is in October so I don't have to rush around as much. Here are just a few of my Fall displays.
Please ignore the lack of baseboards on the walls. I haven't gotten around to putting them up yet. It's been way too long too! I really need to get on that!
Miss Pearl just loves playing with this Fall village. She's always re-arranging things...hehe
I purchased this old butter box while on vacation with my parents in September. The cream can was bought on ebay a few years ago. As soon as puppy is trained, the pee pads are coming out of that box and I'll probably put some of my Primitive books and magazines in it. The vine pumpkin is a new addition this year as well.

These displays hold a few of my own handmade items as well as some that I've purchased online. 


Monday, October 17, 2011

Cutest Little Pumpkin in the Patch

Miss Pearl deciding on which pumpkin to bring home! 

Boy, I've been gone a while....been super busy this fall and have much to share. Now I just need to sit down and sort through the gazillion photos I've taken. We had a gorgeous 2-3 weeks of beautiful sunshine and summer-like temps so we did a lot of outside stuff - Now we're into the cold rainy part of Fall and almost all the leaves are laying on the ground. This is the part of Fall I'm not fussy about - too wet and damp and nothing really pretty to look I start thinking about how pretty the snow will make everything look
 ( don't throw things at me) LOL... I'm one of those people who loves snow - not the cold - just the beauty of snow.

Last weekend we took Miss Pearl, Shelby, and her friend Erin to "The Pumpkin Patch" which is really called Leisure Farms, but the Pumpkin Patch sounds cuter.

We saw turkeys.
The pet pig.
The girls just loved this bale maze. I thought Miss Pearl would be scared but once she was inside she loved it! It was like a big ole fort to play in.
There was a nice playground for the kids to enjoy.
And of course, mountains and mountains of pumpkins.

And what Fall Farm would be complete without a corn maze to get lost in? 

Happy Fall!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving! 

Sorry for not posting much lately. I promise to be back soon with a ton of new Fall photos!

Another Penny Rug Christmas Tree

Just listed another one on Ebay. Off to make a couple more for my craft sale!