Sunday, March 27, 2011

Just listed on Ebay - Primitive Spring Stitchery/Sewing Roll

Just a quick note to let you all know that I've finished a new Stitchery Roll and have it listed on Ebay here.
I used a primitivebetty's design in the cross stitch part. As with the roll I made for myself, it is completely hand stitched by me and would make a wonderful gift for yourself or the stitcher in your family.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Pictures of our trip to St. Jacobs

Here are a few pics from our recent road trip. They can be enlarged by clicking on them.

I love the wheel marks on the driveway in this one. And of course the clothes hanging out on the line. 

Beautiful rich farm land ready for spring.

My daughter Shelby has a fascination with taking photos of creeping looking trees and she's got some great shots of them.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Winter lingers while Spring fights for her right to begin

Looking outside my window and at the sunny forecast, you'd think with all that sunshine spring would be here. But winter has a hold on us and isn't ready to leave yet. Look at those temps! COLD!


Sunny with cloudy periods
  • -3°C


  • -4°C
  • -17°C


  • -5°C
  • -18°C


  • -2°C
  • -16°C


  • -1°C
  • -16°C


  • 1°C
  • -12°C


  • 3°C
  • -10°C

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tuesday Display Chain - Recently Acquired

Well this is the first time I've joined Misi's Tuesday Display Chain. I check out all the weekly blogs and love it but this time I have something to share too, so I thought I would join in. On our recent road trip to St. Jacobs, we hit a few antique stores in search of some yellow ware bowls which are extremely hard to find in our area.
I was lucky and found 2 of them that I liked and were in good shape.

I found some antique rolling pins and a masher too! The masher is well used and has several cracks in the bottom attesting to that - I love it!

I don't go antique hunting very often and there were so many wonderful things I wished I could bring back with me, but lack of finances and lack of room in our car made it impossible. I did take a lot of photos which I'll share in another post soon!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Road Trip to St. Jacobs and a new Primitive Black Cat bread board

We went on a little road trip for a few days to the beautiful village of St. Jacobs. It's located in south west Ontario and one of my favorite places to visit. The surrounding Mennonite farms are incredible and we always take a trip out on the back roads to take in all their beauty.

Of course, no trip to St. Jacobs would be complete without visiting their famous Farmer's Market. Considering the time of year and how cold and windy it was, the place was packed. A lot of vendors inside but sadly not too many Mennonite ones this time of year. I like going in late summer - early fall when they're all there selling fresh produce from their buggies. I think another trip in the Fall will be in order :)
Miss Pearl having a hard time deciding what to have at the Market.
Ahh, a huge homemade oatmeal raisin cookie was the choice!

I have a lot more photos to share and will do that soon but I also wanted to show you the Primitive Black Cat bread board I just finished this morning. I think it turned out pretty good if I do say so myself *smile* You can find it in my Ebay store here if you're interested.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

New Stitchery Roll

Well, Grand-baby is feeling better but now I've got it :( It's just a bad head cold and sore throat so I hope it passes soon. I did manage to get a stitchery roll completed though and I love how it turned out. It's my own pattern and design and I took photos along the way so I can post a tutorial on here when I have more time. 

Every time I have to drive someone to an appointment and sit waiting, I always wish I had brought something to stitch with me. So this will come in nice and handy to keep everything I need with me. This was completely hand stitched -  I LOVE to hand stitch. I usually do it at night when Miss Pearl is sleeping and I'm watching TV - I find it to be very relaxing - except when the floss gets tangled! Not so relaxing when that happens!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Still here....

Just been dealing with a bad head cold that's been going through the house. Miss Pearl has it pretty bad and I have a milder version of least so far. We've had some pretty long nights and days but I think she's on the mending side of it now :) Spring break starts next week so I'll have Shel home with me all week! I can't wait! She's such a big help with Grand baby and we have a lot of fun together :) I've been reading blogs whenever I get the chance even if I don't always comment. There are so many great blogs I follow so it's hard to comment on all of them...I'd be here all day!

I'm also working on a few new things that I hope to be able to share with you soon. Until then, I'll keep wipin' noses and cuddling on the couch with Grandbaby.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

What have I got myself into???

I bought this cross stitch pattern a few years ago and it's been sitting in my cupboard taunting me! So last night I decided to start on it. It's a beautiful Victorian village Christmas scene and it's going to take me forever!

This is what I've got done so far...

And this is what it's supposed to look like when I'm done. Notice I said "supposed"...I always mess up and loose a few stitches here and there. Does that happen to anyone else? 

Sometimes I wonder where my mind is!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Stuck in a rut....a Christmas rut!

OK, so I’ve really been trying to get inspired to do Spring type crafts. I have purchased many patterns over the years for primitive Spring crafts and stitcheries but I can’t seem to put my heart into them… I’m still stuck in Christmas mode. As many of you know I’m a Christmas fanatic! I love ALL things Christmas…any time of the year, and though I know it’s over, and I should be crafting and decorating my home for Spring…I just can’t seem to do it. Maybe it’s the cold weather – we’re due for another winter storm this weekend, or maybe it’s just the fact that I find it very peaceful to be stitching Christmas samplers or making Christmas dolls…I dunno. I plan on doing a few Craft shows this Christmas so I guess it’s OK to start stock piling now. I know come October I’ll be scrambling around trying to find everything and wondering if I have enough to do a few shows so I guess that’s a good enough reason to keep crafting Christmas…at least that’s what I keep telling myself!

Somehow I pinched a nerve in my back a few days ago so I’ve been trying to rest and sit still as much as possible. Hard to do when you have a 1 1/2 year old to take care of and your mind is bursting with crafting ideas….so sad when the mind is willing but the body isn’t! Getting older has it’s disadvantages but it’s better than the alternative! Many people never have the chance to grow old and I try to stay positive about it. I just don’t like it when my body pushes back and tells me to slow down.

I did manage to get our taxes done this past week so that’s one good thing off my list. And I got a few Spring goodies made but I can't show them all yet....some are for an Easter giveaway I'll be posting soon.

Here is one of items I made and it can be found on Ebay.  It's a OOAK item cause I didn't use a pattern - just started stitching and this is what came out. I like those kind of items best because there will never be another one the same *smiles*.

Here is another primitive bread board I made up too. I just love the checkered fabric - would look great in any kitchen. It's on Ebay too.

Hope you all have a wonderful Friday!

Another Penny Rug Christmas Tree

Just listed another one on Ebay. Off to make a couple more for my craft sale!