Monday, May 28, 2012

Want a Do Over for this weekend!

Well this weekend has been a rough one. I had my eye surgery on Friday. Miss Pearl fell and sprained her ankle while I was away in Ottawa for the operation and refused to even try to put any weight on it until yesterday so my parents had to carry her around all weekend. She finally started walking (with a bit of a limp) on it yesterday. Good thing because I can't lift anything for 2 weeks.

Then my oldest daughter was in a car accident yesterday. They were trying to avoid being hit by another car and her boyfriend sped up to get out of the way of it. They hit loose gravel and rolled in the ditch. Thank God everyone is OK. She's got a bit of a sore neck and back and baby granddaughter Evelynn cut her toe a bit - no stitches just a bandaid that she won't keep on. Her boyfriend is OK and his brother who was in the back seat with the baby hurt his arm shielding Evelynn when they rolled.  Here's a photo of the car.
I sure hope this week is better. But ya know? God is Amazing to take care of all of us the way He always does! We are all truly blessed and thankful for HIS LOVE.


  1. Thank God no one was seriously injured in the car accident!! Hope Miss Pearl heals quickly--and you too!--Jan

  2. Thank God for taking care of them! Hope healing comes quickly for all!

  3. Sounds like you all need a great big hug, especially little Miss Pearl. Thankful prayers are sent you way, take it easy this week, girlfriend.

  4. Hi, Connie~ Ouch~ oh,my~ sending you prayers~

  5. Holy Moly...just not a thing a mother wants to hear that her child and grandchild were in an accident...glad they are all okay.
    Blessings kiddo


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