Thursday, June 7, 2012

Penny Rugs and some great news

Shelby's school held their Academic awards the other night. We knew she had won a $500 bursary (they mailed us a notice) and she was given a letter from her school saying that she needed to attend. We weren't sure if she had won another one because it was all very hush hush...the students were just told that they had won an award and needed to attend. Well she did win another one! Another $400 bursary! So that's $900 in total towards her tuition which is REALLY going to help! Plus we've applied for this new Ontario Tuition Grant that she will probably recieve too and that's another $770 that doesn't need to be paid back like a student loan! That will cover almost half of her first year in College.

There were only 85 bursaries/scholarships given out and she won 2 of them! We are so proud of her! So I now have 2 girls in College :) and Miss Pearl will be starting JK in another year. 

Santana, my oldest, has gone back to school too. She just started a couple of weeks ago. She's studying to become a Paralegal and she's loving the course! She passed her equivalency test (GED) and enrolled in a business college in the city. We are so proud of her for going back to's hard to go back once you've gotten a taste of the working world and are out on your own!

In other news....hehe, I've just listed a new Halloween Banner and Candle Mat on Ebay.

 My eye is healing nicely. I've only lost one of the stitches so far - 4 or 5 more to go! It's really annoying having those stitches in so I can't wait for them to go away. It's like having a bunch of long eye lashes in your eye that you can't take out! Hailie and I are counting down the days until I can lift her (and other things) again....2 more to go!

Happy Thursday Everyone!


  1. Hi Connie,
    See i told you i was going to play catch up on the blogs and you are the first!!!!

    Goodness i do need to read on back because you mentioned your eye...see that's how long i've been away.
    okay...i see my I key is sticking when i shift....i have to hold it down hard. Something must be under it....always something.

    CONGRATULATIONS TO SHELBY...this is awesome and also to your other daughter Santana (gorgeous names by the way)...this is such a great thing to do.

    Now i'm off to read!

  2. Goodness i forgot to mention.
    ( I'm thinking it's my shift key that's sticking now! lol)


Another Penny Rug Christmas Tree

Just listed another one on Ebay. Off to make a couple more for my craft sale!