Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Grand Baby Evelynn

Here is a new photo of my Grand Baby Evie - she's getting so big. She has a terrible cold now and is having a hard time breathing because of it - it's hard to drink from a breast or bottle when you can't breathe with your nose!  My daughter has come down with it now too :(

We've taken Evelyn to the hospital a couple of days ago and of course there's nothing they can do because it's just a cold and has to do it's time. Santana, my daughter, is using a vaporizer and baby Tylenol for when her temperature rises. Poor little thing is only 1 month old!

Please keep her in your prayers! The power of prayer is amazing!


  1. Def. will keep her in my prayers, what a dollbaby!!!

  2. Connie
    She is adorable so cute!
    Thoughts & prayers

  3. Connie she is so beautiful... praying she gets better soon. It is so scary when the little ones are sick. Hopefully your daughter feels better soon.

    Hugs, Deb

  4. She is beautiful Connie! So sorry she isn't feeling well...hope she'll get better very soon!

  5. Ah, poor baby! She is a beautiful baby, Connie! I will be praying for her and mommy too.


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