Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Snow Day and more on the way!

Well we got it! I was so hoping it would miss us but it found us! Supposed to get more all day and night too. School buses were all cancelled - kids are probably the only ones happy about this mess. 


  1. Oh Connie.... Ugh:-) We are to get that stuff later this morning. I can't believe it:) What's with this country anyway???? Just kidding... There is no place like Canada.. Snow or whatever....
    I think I will make some soup....

  2. Wow, I say you got it~ YUK~ when will it end for you? Raining here~ but temps our in the 50's~
    Keep safe~

  3. April snows are a challenge for our spirit. My family in Northern Wisconsin also had snow. Here in Southern Missouri we had 85 with a tornado warning last evening. We were spared as the storms missed again.
    Stay warm

  4. Oh Connie you poor thing. We have the fog and rain and high of 6 whenever it decides to get off it's sorry butt and get here. Can you believe this year. Hang in there. Enjoy your grandbaby.

    Hugs, Deb