Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Winter Storm on it's way - I think someone forgot to tell the Weatherman that it's spring!

Good thing I have a beautiful Grand baby and a lot of crafting to keep me busy! Still haven't started decorating for spring - it doesn't feel like spring yet!


  1. OH GOOD GRIEF! WHAT is up with the weather lately?! I had to look twice, I thought you were playing a late April fools joke on us! Stay warm!!!!

  2. Hi Connie.. Our part of Canada is a little better with sun and wind...
    I know what you mean about not getting into the SPRING of things.. smile..
    Maybe next month...

  3. Please keep that stuff up there, or send it East. We had snow, in Southern Ontario, yesterday. It accumulated on the grass, but thankfully was gone by the end of the day. I am so done with this weather!!! I'll keep my fingers crossed that it misses you!


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