Monday, July 11, 2011

Merry Christmas in July for Me - Giveaway Goodies from Connie!

I won Connie's (Cabin Fever Primitives) giveaway on June 29th and received my package today! I never expected it would arrive so quickly with 2 holidays in there! I have to tell you it was really like Christmas in July for not only me, but for Shelby and Hailie as well. They love opening up mail that I get and when we saw how beautifully wrapped everything was they of course wanted to help :)

Connie really outdid herself and spoiled us rotten (there were 3 lucky winners). I have to admit, I entered because of the gorgeous prim tote she had made but I never imagined I would get all the amazing prim goodies she included with it. Even the tissue paper was prim perfection! I can't find tissue paper like that up here so I carefully folded it all and put it away...LOL

Just look at all the loot!

Love the way everything was so carefully and beautifully wrapped Connie! Thanks for taking the extra time to do that!

So many prim goodies to enjoy!
This gorgeous handmade tote with a recipe for Hillbilly Cinnamon Rolls on the inside pocket...can't wait to try them! This tote will be used a lot!
A 1776 Prim Flag that is already hung in my kitchen. Gorgeous bunch of Americana Fabric (which is extremely hard to find here). A crow mug which I'm using as I type this post! A handmade photo album, a prim hanging board with music sheet and stained cheese cloth hanger which was wrapped in homespun, a Christmas cookie cutter set,  some wax tarts, a wax crow and 3 wonderful cookbooks! How did you know I like Amish and Christmas recipes Connie? LOL
There was an amazing smelling air freshener called Country Fried Apple Fritter that smells so darn good! And last but not least some wonderful handmade goat milk soap! 

I can't thank you enough for your friendship and all the wonderful goodies Connie!

Isn't it funny how through blog-land you can make such a connection with some people? I know I sure have made some wonderful friends since I've started blogging and I hope that continues for many years to come. Who knows, maybe I'll even get the chance to meet a few of you someday! 

Hope you all have a great week!


  1. Wow, that is an amazing "win"...what beautiful prims things you received...congrats.

  2. What a wonderful giveaway, I love everything esp. that tote! Lecia

  3. wonderful treasures Connie, I too won a package from Connie she is just the sweetest
    Congrats on winning

  4. Wow, Love that tote, think I will make one for myself... LOL
    I had so much fun putting this give away together, just added things that I liked and hoped you all would like them too.
    The best part was when Mr B drew Connie's number, I gasped, really...
    I so enjoy Connie's blog, her Rocking Chair Memories are refreshing and inspirational, thank you.
    I too treasure all my blog friends, near and far, everyday you put a smile on my face.
    Thank you Connie for your kind words, I will continue to visit your Primitive Country Cabin,
    Thank you friends....

  5. Beautiful goodies.
    What a gorgeous bag.


  6. Wow Connie, I love all your goodies. That tote is awesome!


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