Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Miss Hailie Pearl turns 2

Yesterday was Miss Pearl's 2nd birthday! She calls it her "Be Happy Day"....too cute! We had a BBQ with family and friends and she had a blast!

Here are a few photos of Grandma's big Girl!
Hailie with her Mom (my oldest) Santana. Hailie and I made the hat ourselves as I couldn't find any birthday hats anywhere! I tried 5 different stores and they were all sold out so we improvised...hehe
Getting ready to blow out the candles...she practiced a lot on my Birthday a couple of weeks ago and she's a pro at it now!

Of course she got spoiled rotten and I'll have to add on another room soon for all her toys....but that's what being a Grandparent is all about....right????

I'd talk about how hot it is up here right now but I'm afraid my keyboard is melting as I type this....stay cool friends!


  1. Happy Birthday to little Pearl, they grow up so fast, every day is special day when the little ones are near.
    109 again here today in Missouri, spent the day inside sewing. Blackberry's have dried up so that means no jam this winter... stay cool.

  2. Awww, she's just precious! It looks like she had a wonderful Be Happy day;) Try to stay cool and don't let your keyboard melt!

  3. Connie, Happy Birthday to Miss Pearl. Looks like she had a fun day. She is so pretty. Yep, that's what God gave them to us for,,, to love and to spoil. You're doing a great job. (ha) Try and stay cool.

  4. Dear blog friends,
    I am trying to put together a bloggers board.
    This board would contain the name of the blog, the first name of the author ( last name, if you allow ) and birthday-- month and day only.
    Once I get this put together, I will email to all participants.
    If you know of others who would like to be listed, please give them my email address so I can add them.
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    Those of you who have not yet sent me your address, please do. These will not be part of the blog board, but for my own personal address book. I like to send cards now and then.


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