Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Fresh local corn and more photos

Yesterday we went for another road trip to our small Amish community and I was so happy to see that some of them are now selling produce from the end of their driveways and homes.

We stopped at one homestead that had a "Sweet Corn" sign at the road and drove down the long winding driveway to see a beautiful large barn and house that can't be seen from the road at all.  I was greeted at the door by this young Amish woman and when I asked if she had corn available she said "Yes, but I'll have to go to the garden to pick it". I almost jumped for joy - I've never had corn that fresh before!
As she headed to the garden, I went to the car to get Miss Pearl and Shelby as they had both spotted the horses in the field and wanted to take a closer look. It just happened to be right beside the garden where the woman was snapping the corn off the stalks. I was almost drooling with every snap I heard - couldn't wait to get home to taste it....and Boy. Was. It. GOOD!
Shel and Miss Pearl getting ready to peel corn and of course Koko had to inspect! LOL

Miss Pearl choosing which cob she wanted for herself.

 Here are a few more photos to enjoy of the beautiful countryside around us in Northern Ontario.


  1. Beautiful photos...and oh how I love corn right from the garden.

  2. Such good times with your darlings! Nothing like fresh from the farm! I really enjoy your blog!

  3. Hi Connie,
    Wow, that is FRESH CORN...I've never had it like that has been picked at least 3-4 hours before we would get it at that freshest...yours was NEW BORN...LOL

    Wonderful photos...oh, and I'm surprised that a chain restaurant like Cracker Barrel isn't in Canada already...


  4. Dang, talk about fresh, lol! That is so awesome! Pretty drive and scenery, fresh corn... what a good day. It looks delicious!


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