Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Road Trip Sunday

Have you ever had one of those days where you just HAD to get away? I have them ALL the time. Those are the days that I usually wake up my teenage daughter and ask if she wants to go for drive. Sometimes hubby comes along if he doesn’t have too much work and now, grandbaby comes too! Last Sunday it was just the girls and we took a trip to a small town about an hour away called Burks Falls. It was raining a bit and I thought it would be a good day to visit some great craft and furniture stores that I’ve been to before. Guess I should have called first because both stores were closed! However, it gave us the opportunity to explore the tiny village of 1000 and find new places to visit on our next trip. We did manage to find a Flea Market that was open but it was so packed you couldn’t really see anything or get to it! Nothing was priced, and when I asked the lone man tending the market what a few pieces that caught my eye cost, I knew why the place was packed tight to the rafters. His prices were outrageous. I mean, he had some nice antiques and a lot of junk, but he wanted a lot for the junk too! I guess he’ll keep adding to the pile because at those prices, I don’t think he’ll sell too much!

After finding that place I found a garden center/craft store with all types of wooden birdhouses outside but it was closed on Sundays too. It did have this gorgeous old washer and wicker chair by the front entrance and as soon as I saw them I just knew they would make a great photo! On the ride home, I wondered how many loads of laundry were done on that beauty. My Mother had a washer similar to this and I remember spending a lot of time watching her put the clothes through the wringer. I loved how they came out flat!washer

We ended up going down a small dirt road that followed a lake in another small town and I was surprised to see all the Trilliums in the woods. I’ve never seen so many in one place before.  The  white trillium is Ontario’s Provincial flower and the symbol of the Government of Ontario.


While I was taking photos of the Trilliums, my daughter asked “what that thing was down the road ahead of us?” I looked up to see it moving towards the bush. As I inched my way toward it in the car, I could tell it was a wild turkey. I love seeing animals in their natural habitat like this. He wasn’t too scared of us as I snapped a couple of up close photos.




And last but not least, we found this cool looking clock in another small town called Sundridge. I couldn’t help but take a photo :) 


All in all it was a pretty good road trip and I think grandbaby enjoyed it too!


  1. LAVE WRINGER: Ho! Qu'est-ce qu'un belles antiquités Je ne me souviens laveuse essoreuse a vous remercier vous êtes bon.
    Les vêtements sont parfois mélangées dans les rouleaux.
    vêtements parfois se faire prendre en elle et enrouler autour de la sonnerie?

  2. Loved reading your about your little road trip. You will have to go back when all the places you wanted to visit, are open. I also remember my mother having a washing machine like that. Ahh the good old days when life was simple

  3. It sounds like you had a lovely day! I love that washer too! And it pains me to know that when my hubby and I purchased our first home in 2001, the older gentleman there still used his wringer washer yet we failed to ask to include it in the sale! Oh, how I regret that decision!
    Take care!


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