Wednesday, June 23, 2010

5.5 Earthquake!

Today, around 2 PM we had an earthquake. It shook the house pretty good too! Apparently it originated about 3 hours east of us along the Ontario/Quebec border and was felt all across Ontario and parts of the US! I was laying down in bed with grandbaby, putting her down for her afternoon nap, when I felt the bed shake. Hailie had just fallen asleep and I turned over to face the wall when I felt 5 thumps on the bed. I thought she had some kind of leg twitch because it felt like she had lifted her leg and dropped it down on the bed. I rolled over to check on her and she was sound asleep so I blew it off. I even thought to myself maybe it was an earthquake - never really thinking it would be, but when I got up a few minutes later my daughters who were both in the kitchen said they felt it too and that's when they started getting messages from their friends online saying there was an earthquake. A few minutes later it was all over the news. It's funny because it traveled quicker on Facebook and MSN than the news channels...LOL. The only damage it caused here was a broken board on one of my benches and quite a few petals fell off my hanging baskets of flowers.

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