Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sunday Road Trips

Today we went for a drive to a tiny village about an hour west of us called Restoule - population roughly 500, give or take a few. Restoule is cottage country and the population expands over the summer months when tourists travel here and to the nearby Provinical Park. The drive is beautiful any time of year and each season offers something new to see. Here are a few photos I took along the way. You can click on the photos for a larger view.

This is one of the 3 churches they have. One of the other churches is right beside this one. (see second photo) Notice the lake in the background? What a wonderful view they must have before entering and leaving the church.



Here’s a better shot of the lake.


There were some cement stairs and a railing off the side of the rest stop where I took this photo so we followed it and found this wonderful natural spring shooting out crystal clear water! Of course we had to bend down and scoop some up in our hands to taste. It was great!


I thought this was a unique photo in the fact that there were 3 barns from 3 different farms so close together.


We passed a marsh that was completely covered in water lilies. I can just imagine the noise that all the frogs make here at night!



And the lupines are out everywhere alongside the roads – absolutely one of my favourite wildflowers!


Here are 2 houses that have seen much better days. I always wonder what stories they hold. The first one is on the front of a homestead  farm that has a newer home in the back and the rest of the property is well landscaped and neat. I bet the house holds some special memories and that’s why the owner won’t tear it down – but that’s just a guess.


This one stands abandoned and in ruins but I bet it was really cute in it’s time.


This is one of the roads not far from our house that leads to another tiny lake. My favourite time of year to visit this place is the fall – the colors are incredible! Looks pretty good this time of year too :)


Thanks for coming along with us on our little Sunday road trip :)

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