Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!


  1. Happy New Year to you and your family, Connie!

  2. Hey Connie, every time I try to reply to your comments on my blog posts through email, it always comes back to me as undelivered. Can you tell me if you are getting emails from me or not?

  3. Happy New Year, Connie, hope that it is a great one!


  4. Ok, this email was delayed and will try to re-deliver in 2 days, this is what I sent:

    "Hmm... I wonder why that happens? Can you look in your spam folder and see
    if there are any emails from me? Every time you make a comment on my blog,
    I always reply and it always comes back saying undeliverable. So I just
    delete them. You are the only one that I have problems with. If you find
    out why that happens, please let me know. Maybe it's something I need to

    This one didn't go through either so I'm not able to email you. Weird! But I don't like it!

  5. The reply email that I sent to you came back to me so here it is: Thank you so very much Connie! I appreciate you praying for our situation. We have a dear friend that is a city cop now but used to be a campus police at my son's school and he is going to help us. I'm ready for it to be over with... God is in control of it all~


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