Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Maple Syrup Festival – A Sweet Success

This was the first year that I’ve ventured to a Maple Syrup Festival in a small town about 20 minutes south of us. It was held this past Saturday and I’ve wanted to go for the past several years but the weather has always kept me away – as well as many others, so much so that the festival wasn’t doing so well. It’s usually cold, raining or snowing, and windy! This year the sun was shining brightly and the little town of  Powassan was as crowded as some of the bigger city’s festivals.  My youngest daughter and I went for a few hours enjoying the sunshine, vendor’s booths, food, and entertainment.

Here are a few photos of our day :)

Shelby fell in love with this little goat that was following it’s mom around town. It’s only 4 days old and oh so cute! I had a hard time talking her into letting the little guy go back to his mama!



Some of the older historical buildings of Powassan




Town Criers in costume


A couple of old tractors


And tons of this…


We went for a wagon ride…I wish they would have had old fashioned carriages but this had to do.


In recent years a few Mennonite families have moved up here and I couldn’t be more pleased! I hope a lot more families move here. They are wonderful craftspeople and entrepreneurs. They have already gained quite a following for their construction and furniture building in an area that was completely void of these wonderful “plain” people. I wish them all the best and will support them every chance I get.



And of course it wouldn’t be a truly wonderful day if I didn’t find some goodies to bring home with me.

I found this wonderful star with grapevine wreath to hang on the outside of my house for only $10.00!  It’s quite big and looks perfect on the house!


and this cute little garden angel to watch over the flowers


and this barn star that is hanging in my living room.


It was a wonderful sunny Saturday. I can’t wait til next year’s festival!

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