Monday, April 12, 2010

Road to Avonlea Christmas

I watch Christmas movies all year long - I love them all! I’ve decided that I will randomly share some of my favourites from time to time. Some of them you will probably know, some you may not. The first one may not be too well known other than in Canada.
The Road to Avonlea is a Canadian film produced by Sullivan Entertainment. They are same people who do the Anne of Green Gables movies and Road to Avonlea, the TV series, is a spin off of Anne of Green Gables. They also produce another great Canadian TV series called Wind at my Back. If you click on the image below, it will take you to the official web site which has a video clip of it.
(also known as “Happy Christmas, Miss King”)
The award-winning cast of Road to Avonlea returns for this touching King Family reunion. As they prepare for their traditional Christmas dinner, their gathering is marred by the news that one of their youngest members, Felix, is missing in action on the battlefields of Europe. To make matters worse, the indomitable Hetty King collapses with an unexpected health emergency. “An Avonlea Christmas” is an uplifting drama that reinforces the power of family love in times of crisis. This classic family holiday movie is now available to own on DVD.

I purchased this DVD many years ago and have seen it at least 50 times. I enjoy it for the snow, the antiques, the old cutters, one room schoolhouse,  and so much more.

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