Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Funny faces, rabbits, and finally some snow!

My Granddaughter gave me quite a chuckle today. She has the most amazing facial expressions I’ve ever seen on a baby. You can tell what she’s thinking just by the look she has on her face.  I was taking some photos of her with Charlie the rabbit  with my digital camera and after I took a few shots I was looking at them through the window viewer of the camera and decided to show her. She looked at herself in the camera, looked up at me, looked back at herself in the camera, then up at me again with one raised eyebrow and a very confused look. It was priceless and  I keep trying to capture these expressions on film but of course she is the same as most babies and won’t do it when you’re holding a camera in your hands!




Here’s one of our pet rabbit Charlie and the best dog  I ever had  the pleasure of keeping company with - Chanel. Chanel is no longer with us but will always remain in our hearts. She had a long happy life with us and Charlie misses her like crazy too. Charlie is a house bunny and provides hours of entertainment for all, especially Hailie. I just wish he would stop chewing everything!  His favourite things to chew are wires and rugs! If anyone has any helpful hints to help him to stop I’d sure appreciate it.


I hate to mention the “S” word on here because after reading some of the blogs I love to visit it’s easy to see why some people are tired of winter already! Y’all have way more snow than we do so I’ve been content looking at all the photos I’ve seen online.  Here, where I live, in Northern Canada, we’ve hardly had any this year and I love snow. It’s beautiful, refreshing and clean. Best part of all…no bugs!!! We have about 6 – 8 inches on the ground now and it’s been a relatively mild winter compared to what we usually have to deal with – I’d rather have the snow than the –40C – way too cold for me! We’re usually the ones buried in 3 feet of snow or we used to be. The past few winters have been very “calm” for us. Here’s a snapshot of what we can expect over the next few days and just to make everyone feel better a couple of photos of snowfalls we had last spring!



This photo was taken in April 2009


This one was taken on May 31! Yes, May!!! Isn’t is beautiful with the leaves on the trees? LOL

Happy Tuesday :)

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