Monday, June 20, 2011

Company from BC and Hockey Night in Canada...Redneck Style

This past week my beautiful Niece Monique and her Husband Dylan came from British Columbia for a visit. Monique's family and Dylan's family all live in Ontario so they got to see everyone when they came down. Now we just need to convince them to move back here - they love the west coast though so it may not happen for a while. Monique is pregnant with their first child and she is going to be a GREAT Mom!.
Monique, Dylan, and her Dad (my brother) Vic.

Miss Pearl took to her like a bee to honey! This was the first time they'd met and Hailie would not let her out of her sight!

We went fishing, swimming, and enjoyed the Waterfront park in North Bay. The weather was perfect! 

On Wednesday night we enjoyed the Hockey Game - redneck style! We decided to bring my brother's big screen TV outside to watch the game and have a bonfire. Some friends came over too so it's a good thing we had it outside - none of our living rooms were big enough to hold everyone.

As a side note, I was and still am very ashamed at how terrible some of the people in Vancouver rioted after the game. Shame on you! Canadians are more sportsmanlike than that! The sad thing is, they probably would have done the same thing if Vancouver had won the cup. There are always a few bad apples in a crowd that size that seem to get the others going. The VPD have made several arrests thanks to digital photos that everyone took with their cell phones, ipods, etc. I think they should be made to pay for the damage they did as well - but they'll probably get a slap on the wrist and probation! 

I am very proud of the volunteers that went out the next day to start the clean up and help shop owners get back to some kind of normalcy. Now, that's the Canadian way - helping each other! 
 Monique and Dylan live in Vancouver and I think they were thankful they were in Ontario when that happened.

Congrats to Boston for playing a great series and winning the cup!

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    Oh, so much fun~ looks like a blast~ thanks for sharing~Family funtimes!!!


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