Sunday, June 5, 2011

A day at the Beach!

Today was a day for relaxing and family time. We decided to head to our favorite beach just a couple of miles down the road from us. It's at a resort that is run by friends and has a gorgeous sandy beach. First we had lunch and then some play time. My brother took us out for a ride on his boat later which was a perfect ending to a great day. We headed home around 4 PM and then I told my parents I would work the store for them so they could go out and enjoy part of the day too - they went out fishing on their boat that's docked at the same resort. They work too hard so it was nice to see them relax a bit too! They only caught a few Perch and a tiny Pickerel that they threw back but I'm sure they enjoyed their time alone.

I REALLY needed an afternoon like this - I miss living by the water more than I can put into words - and if I ever  when I win the lottery, the first thing I'm going to do is buy a house on the lake!

This is Grandpa with Miss Pearl in the tower overlooking the lake.

Shelby made a new friend right away and we soon found out that that dog would never get tired of playing fetch in the water. He literally did it for hours and was still wanting to play.

Grandpa and Miss Pearl watching a duck.

Miss Pearl with her Aunt Shelby making a sand castle. Shelby's so good with her and I'm very thankful for that - she's very patient with her and loves to play which is good cause this Grandma has a hard time keeping up!

Time to cool off - the water was actually pretty nice considering we've had some chilly nights.

Some play time on the swings.

Time to pack up and go home. 

I wish I had taken some photos of the boat trip but my eyes were on Miss Pearl the whole time. She doesn't sit still long - maybe next time. 


  1. Connie, Looks like you had a great day. So relaxing that water looks. The pic are great but LOVE the one of Miss Pearl in the swing. She is so cute. I am so ready for a day off with Mr. P. for rest and relaxing. Sweet of you to give your parents some away time from the store. Hoping you have a great day.

  2. hi, Connie
    now that looks like some family summertime fun!!!The beach is so pretty~ all the pics are great~ thanks for sharing your day~


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