Thursday, June 2, 2011

Pool time fun, wicked storms, and no more gazebo

We had the hottest day of the year so far on Tuesday - it was 30C and gorgeous!  Hailie spent the day in the pool and when Aunt Shelby came home she joined in for some more fun. They ran through the hose and played in the pool - I need a bigger pool if Shel's gonna continue joining Miss Pearl *smile*

Then the storms came through late Tuesday night - I've never seen a lightening show like that in my life. The wind was blowing  the rain sideways and the treetops were trying to kiss the ground. We lost our power for about 3 hours - some were out all day yesterday so we were lucky! Our internet was down all day yesterday so I wasn't able to get online - it's funny how you miss your internet when it's down- even if I only have a few minutes each day to use it. 

Then I woke to this on Wednesday morning...
It's hard to see in this photo but the roof is ripped to shreds.

The siding came off the peak of my parent's store...

and landed on my car. Only one tiny scratch on the back door....whew!

It's still pretty windy here but at least the sun is shining, and we are very thankful that we don't get the terrible tornadoes that the south gets. We only get one or two every few years and they're usually pretty small. There was talk of one touching down somewhere the other night but I haven't read anything official about it yet.


  1. Oh goodness horrible. We had a storm like that a week ago Sunday night - Alway able to fix buildings, etc...just so glad no one was injured.

    Shelby looks happy where she's


  2. Connie~ Scary weather~ yuk on the damage~ OH, but so Thankful you are all safe!!!
    Hugs to you~


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