Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Wellington County Museum - 1920's Kitchen

I found this exhibit so interesting....so many items that I collect now and a few I remember my Mom having in our kitchen when I was a young child. I hope you enjoy the photos :)

Love this child's set with the red chairs!

I was on the lookout for a large yellow ware bowl like this at the antique stores when we were down there but I never found one that big. I'm still on the prowl for one...LOL

I'd also like to have one of these. It would go so nice with my enamelware collection! So would the wood cook-stove in the back...but I'd settle for the table. I don't have room for a cook-stove :(

Well that's it for tonight. Miss Pearl tuckered me out today. Have a good one!


  1. Love the pictures.I would love to have an old sink like that one. And the old stove. I have a hoosier cabinet in storage but have been thinking about bringing it out. I have an old Ice box that reminds me of the old refrig. I remember my parents had a table similar to the one in the last picture. Thanks for sharing. Give Miss Pearl an extra hug tomorrow for me. She's a doll.

  2. Hi Connie, I really like these pictures, I grew up with every bit of these things except for the fridge, ours had a teeny freezer inside the fridge compartment that stayed iced over all the time.
    All my early baths were in a sink just like that, no curtain though. Our stove was similar, it had a tank on the side for heating water. Mama called it a water jack. All of this was in the 1960's, so from the 1920's until then was about right for progress here in these mountains at the time! I still have 2 of those enamel table tops, stored for now. I had another table, a drop leaf enamel one for awhile, but we out grew it. Thanks for all the pictures and reminders!

  3. Really enjoyed this walk down memory lane, looks just like my Grandma's kitchen in the early 50's. I too have a lot of these items as they were easy to collect not long ago. I have the same enamel table top tucked in my basement piled high with junk...I brought it with me from Wisconsin. At the cabin I have an old white enamel drain board sink, love it... and have a double drain board sink in storage just in case we restore another cabin. Thank you for this wonderful tour, enjoy them tremendously.


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