Monday, March 15, 2010

Cobwebs and Dust Bunnies

It’s that time of year again when the sunlight peeks through the windows lighting up the house, filling it with warmth, and revealing all the cobwebs that have collected over the winter. I’ve always wondered how that happens when spiders are supposed to be in hibernation. Of course with the mild winter we had, they could be as confused as I am but none of that mattered today – I was on a mission!

I grabbed my trusty broom, ready  to tackle the ceilings and corners to rid them of the webs and if you’re anything like me, one simple job has a way of turning into a whole cleaning project. It all started like this…I had to get a ladder in a certain corner and to put it in the spot I needed, I had to move a few items on the floor. That’s when the dust bunnies appeared. Now, the dust bunnies I can understand. I have an actual lop eared bunny that lives in our home and he sheds, so the dust bunnies that appear behind furniture, on baseboards etc…are actual balls of real bunny hair. Hmmm…I wonder if there’s a market for that? Would anyone buy a REAL dust bunny???  So after getting rid of the cobwebs, the dust bunnies had to go too.  Then the floor needed to be swept and mopped. The shelves needed to be organized and dusted – bunnies up there too??? Winter coats, skates, hockey sticks,  mittens, hats, boots, all had to be moved to storage in the basement…I’m sure you get the idea.

4 hours later I’m able to sit down and take a break. The room is clean, the cobwebs are gone, but I still have one huge dust bunny that I’ll have to live with.


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