Thursday, March 25, 2010

Farmhouse Utensil Rack

I’m slowly adding more and more primitive pieces to my home. I’m transforming from country to primitive decor one piece at a time so my family doesn’t freak out. When I was making this last night, my daughter said “Mom, you’re making our house look old!” and although I didn’t say it out loud, I was thinking “And that’s a bad thing?” LOL

Actually she’s been pretty supportive and helps me a lot. Hubby doesn’t seem to mind so much either and Grandbaby just likes watching me work.

I was tired of looking at the shiny silver utensil rack by my stove so yesterday I did something about it. Daughter, Grandbaby, and I headed off to Home Depot and purchased a 1x4x6’ pine board. I had the other supplies I needed at home already. The board cost $8.46 – Wow, wouldn’t want to build a home out of this stuff! LOL

I cut the board to the desired length, painted it black, sanded it and primmed it up, then sealed it with a couple of coats of varnish.  I added some old nails that were removed from a 100 year old barn in Kentucky. I think it’s so much better now!

Notice the antique muffin tin hanging on the wall? – it’s from 1912 and was a wedding gift to a young bride.  I bet the muffins tasted so yummy cooked in an old wood stove. Items like this are incredible to me – I wish I knew the history behind every piece I have collected so far. Whenever I’m at a sale of any type – yard, garage, estate, auction, etc... I always ask if the seller knows anything about the history of the item and I keep track of it so when I hand it down some day it will be complete with it’s own unique story.

Here is the Before rack…


and here is the after rack…


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