Tuesday, March 9, 2010

First words, a wild hair-do and a toothy grin!

Her first words were uttered last night as she waved goodbye to my parents. We all couldn't believe it but she kept saying it over and over again as she waved bye bye. "Bye bye" plain as you or I can say it! She's been saying it all day today too! How precious and early - she's only 7 months. I bet she'll have a lot to tell us in no time flat! Here's a cute photo that she will probably hate in a few years, but I'm allowed...I'm Gama! I can't wait til she says that! There's actually 2 bottom teeth but one is hard to see in the photo.


  1. Oh how adorable!! Lili is still waiting for her first teeth to pop out!!

  2. She is precious! She will be "talking" in no time!


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