Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Room Makeover

As many of you know, my Granddaughter is living with me and as she’s growing we need more space for her. I never planned on raising another child at this stage of my life, but if there’s one thing I’ve learned in my 40 some years is that you can always expect the unexpected. Hailie is a wonderful gift and blessing from God and we all love her very much :) Sometimes the unexpected gifts in life are the greatest treasures.

She is eight months old now and has been sleeping with me in my bed since November. I didn’t have any other place to put her so she got the big comfy bed with Grandma while Grandpa slept on the couch. She’s very lucky to have such an understanding Grandpa!  But now that she’s moving around in her sleep more, I’m terrified she’ll move right off the side of the bed. So it’s time for her own room!

Our house is small and there are only 2 bedrooms. One for my daughter and one for us. When my oldest daughter lived with us, the girls shared a room but she is living on her own now.

The only option we have for a room for baby is to makeover the laundry room.
Here are a few photos of the process. It’s a tiny room but it does the trick. Now I just need to get her to sleep in it! That’s a whole other project in itself. This morning was the first try – her 9 am nap and she did NOT like it! She fell asleep at 10 and only napped 20 minutes.  I can see this will be more work than the makeover…LOL

Before photo – after we removed the washer and dryer.
Needs a lot of work and patches to the wall where the vent and hook-ups were.
Applying the paintable wallpaper bead board – Martha Stewart line purchased at Home Depot. So easy to install!
My youngest daughter painting the wallpaper
I chose a gold/mustard color for the paintable wallpaper border. This stuff is amazing and so easy to use.
Border on. New baseboards stained a deep walnut and put in place.
Not much room but at least she has a bed now.
This is a photo of it all closed up as we didn’t have enough room to add new walls. The folding shutter doors are under the curtains. I hope that with the doors and thermal curtains that it will help muffle some of the household noises while she sleeps.
Not a perfect solution but a solution none the less – at least until we can afford a bigger place.


Another Penny Rug Christmas Tree

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