Saturday, March 20, 2010

My Helper & Happy Spring To ALL!

I was working on my latest makeover project last night and  asked my youngest daughter if she wanted to help by painting a star on the peg rack for me. She said sure and asked if she could paint on an emo star. She’s recently been drawing more lately- especially stars and star balls so I knew what she meant by emo star.

She was worried about making a mistake on it and I quickly assured her that even if she did, it wouldn’t matter as it was primitive and primitive items have all kinds of “oopsies” and “oh no’s” on them ….it’s what gives them character. While she was painting  I asked if I could take a photo for my blog thinking I would get the same response as always…NO WAY! I hate having my picture taken. – She’s exactly like me in that sense. But instead of the response I was waiting for, she surprised me with a yes! She even put the phone down so I could take the photo! Who knows, maybe she’ll catch the creative bug by helping me out here and there and whether we call them barn, primitive, or emo stars, I call it a great opportunity for bonding with my teenager.
Here’s the finished product. I think she did an amazing job!


  1. That turned out beautiful!! No "“oopsies” or “oh no’s". Great job!!


Another Penny Rug Christmas Tree

Just listed another one on Ebay. Off to make a couple more for my craft sale!