Friday, March 19, 2010

The Waltons

I love the TV show The Waltons. I have all seasons on DVD. All 9 seasons + the very first pilot episode – The Homecoming and also the new special Reunion episodes DVD.


My oldest daughter had no interest in watching them – she found them boring and old fashioned. I’m thankful that my youngest, who will be 16 next month, has enjoyed watching them with me. I’ve seen all seasons by myself at least twice and I believe we’re on the 7th season of watching them together. I’ve even put on an episode when my Granddaughter and I are in the living room in hopes that someday she will take an interest in it as well. So far she just likes the music and looks to the TV when Elizabeth talks.

I remember waiting all week long for it to come on TV when I was a little girl. I loved it then and still do. Of course when I was little I think I loved it because of the large family and now I love the values and the lessons that every episode teaches. I also love the house with it’s wonderful front porch!


The children had respect for their parents, elders and each other. They understood the value of hard work and if they wanted something they had no choice but to work hard for it. Although it was based on life during The Great Depression, they had enough food, a warm house, and each other to see them through.

My parents lived through the Great Depression – they were little but still remember it and recall how tough it was on their parents. I asked my Mother one time about how the Waltons had electricity and indoor plumbing in their house when most people didn’t. She said “The Walton's would have been considered well off during The Depression.”

It’s a goal of mine to visit Schuyler VA which is the hometown of Earl Hamner who is the author of The Waltons and is portrayed as John-boy in the series.

Here is a link about Schuyler

In the meantime, I’ll continue putting it on TV while Hailie and I are playing, in hopes that she will find it interesting some day and enjoy a good quality family show instead of the um….*crap* that is put on TV for our children today.

Anyone else have a favorite TV show from the past?


Another Penny Rug Christmas Tree

Just listed another one on Ebay. Off to make a couple more for my craft sale!