Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Crazy busy but we did take some time for a bit of fun at the Midway!

I've been so busy lately it's nuts! I'm finally feeling well enough with some energy to start de-cluttering my house - and boy what a job this is going to be! I know I'll feel so much better when it's done though!

Saturday was gorgeous outside so we headed to the Midway that was in town. Miss Pearl looked a bit overwhelmed when she saw all the crowds and loud rides going but once we were in the "kiddie" area she was OK. This was her first time on rides and she really seemed to enjoy it.

Santana and Hailie holding on tight.

Shelby and Hailie.

Miss Evelynn slept through most of it and Santana won Hailie a stuffie! A good time was had by all and we slept good after all that fresh air!

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  1. Fun, Fun!!! Hope you have a wonderful holiday weekend!


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