Monday, May 2, 2011

Happy May & some random photos

First, just let me say that today is a great day in that Osama bin Laden is shark food! God Bless all the men and women who fought and continue to fight the terrorists of this world! 

Wow, I can't believe how fast time goes! I've been meaning to post some of the latest photos I've taken but I never seem to get much computer time anymore. Taking care of a toddler literally is a full time job - actually it's more than that because she's on the go from 6-7 am until bedtime which is usually at 8 pm - sometimes later. Miss Pearl has never been a good sleeper - not even as a baby so by the time she's in bed sleeping, I'm just about ready for bed myself.

I have been reading my favorite blogs whenever I get a chance and commenting when I can. I just love all the friends I've made in blog-land and cherish each and every one of you that take time out of your busy schedules to read and comment on mine - Thank you so much!

Now that it has finally warmed up a bit we spend a lot of time outside - when it's not raining - which it's been doing a lot. We get one nice sunny day and then 3 or 4 of rain - but I guess that's what Spring is all about! Flowers are finally starting to bloom and the pussy willows are out. We cleaned up the yard a bit and have had a couple of bonfires on the nice evenings. For those of you who are new followers, I'm a bonfire junkie! There's nothing I like more than to sit by a roaring fire in my back yard while listening to thousands of croaking frogs and the occasional hooting owl.

Here are a few photos I've taken over the past couple of weeks.

Poor little birds scrambling for food during our hopefully last snowstorm on April 21st.

A turkey buzzard perched in a tree across the road. There were 3 of them that came for days to feast on a dead deer that was in the ditch. Those things are HUGE and amazing to watch in flight. They did a great job of cleaning up what was left of the deer - nature's clean up crew!

A shot of them flying away as I got too close for their liking.

Grand baby Evie sleeping through Easter dinner. She's getting so big!

Hailie Pearl at Easter - she's sitting in the rocking chair I had as a child. The chair is approximately 75 years old and I saw one just like it at an antique store for $95! 

Miss Pearl collecting Easter eggs and presents on Easter morning.

My Mom and Hailie in the back yard enjoying the warmer weather.

My Dad and Hailie - I love this photo with my Dad sitting on the log beside our woodshed with my collection of old tools - looks so cool!

So that's what we've been up to! And of course praying for all the people in the south who were hit by those terrible storms and flooding.  
Until next time...


  1. hi, Connie~ Great pics of the family~ looks like some wonderful days!!
    Snow~ WOW ~ your winter lasts forever!
    enjoy the day

  2. That snow fall is beautiful but on APRIL 21 ? Wow. It's been Spring here in the South for quite a while but along with it are awful storms and so many this season. Those children are precious. I bet they do keep you busy. Love the little rocking chair. Love items with such special memories. Have a great evening.

  3. Oh Connie, my heart skipped a beat when I saw this on my sidepost, it shows the snow pic. I thought no she couldn't have got more this late in the year. You aren't that far from me... you had me really afraid that it was going to find us again.

    You grands are so beautiful... looks like they were enjoying Easter bunnies treats.

    Glad all is well and you are finally getting some nice weather up there... it isn't any better down here either... more rain tonight and tomorrow again. I keep my fingers crossed that I am going to wake up one morning and summer is going to be here... but then again I don't look real good in

    Have a great week.

    Hugs, Deb

  4. Hi Connie.. Lovely posting with all your pics. Your grandchildren are so cute:-) We jave 5 grandsons.. I have not seen those birds in real before... Neat..
    Glad the snow is gone or I hope it is.. smile..

  5. What neat pictures. You certainly have beautiful grandbabies!


    Your Spring sounds much like good day...3 bad! But Summer WILL BE HERE - I just know

    Adorable grandchildren (and mom)



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