Friday, May 20, 2011

May 24 Weekend - As we call it in Canada!

Well this weekend (Victoria Day) officially kicks off the start of the summer and the start of fishing season here in Northern Ontario, and tomorrow is supposed to be sunny and hot! I've got my gazebo up and started decorating it and my brother's boat is in the lake and he's like a kid on Christmas morning...can't wait to haul in some pickerel! Dad's boat will be going in soon!

Here's a pic of our gazebo. We got it up just in time cause those nasty little HUGE bugs are out in full force now. Can't flies all day long and mosquitoes all night! I'm very thankful for the gazebo!

A shot of it in the evening with the lights on. I have my new Jupiter lantern that I bought from Lehman's that I'll be hanging in it too! It's so nice and cozy and best of all....pretty much BUG free!

Tomorrow I'll be taking all kids (my two Daughters and two Granddaughters) to the midway that's in town for the weekend. Should be interesting to see if Miss Pearl likes the rides or not - Miss Evelynn is too small yet, but I'm sure she'll enjoy riding in the stroller and soaking up some Vitamin D!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


  1. What a great outdoor area! So nice to have protection from the bugs.
    Hope your weekend is wonderful.

  2. Love your outdoor space.. We have blackflies here quite bad, too..
    Have a lovely weekend with your family.

  3. Connie, Sounds like you are going to have fun, fun, fun. Love the gazebo. Never have seen one quite like it. Enjoy your family and have a great weekend. Snap pictures of Miss Pearl. Bet she will be a blast. Bet Miss Evelynn will be watching saying just wait till next year,,, yep I will be doing that too. (ha) Don't you really wonder what goes thru thier little minds? Enjoy!

  4. Well done. Looks ready for the season. I wish I had one of these in my backyard. It's better with a roof on top for the cases of rain. Call Canada.


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