Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Miss Pearl has her first bike and it's so Cool!

We got Hailie her first bike the other day. Her legs are a bit short to reach the pedals but it won't be long. I love the fact that it has steering for adults at the back. She loves being pushed on it and it gives her the idea of how to turn and what to do. She has a helmet but wasn't wearing it for the photo. My brother was pushing her in this photo - she just loves him and calls him Big Guy.


  1. So cute...her first bike, the first of many. My Grand daughter Arwen will be 8 on Saturday, she is moving up from a 16 inch to a 20 inch, my how quickly they grow. The weather must be nice I see your brother has shorts on...

    I did not comment on your Doctor visit, am so glad things went well. My daughter lost the vision in her left eye 2 years ago, the cornea will not stay in place and all is blurry and white. She wears a large hard contact that keeps it in place. She can only wear it for 13 hours then has to remove it. She has thyroid disease, which was a contributing factor. They are monitoring her other eye closely, hopefully that eye will remain healthy.
    My thoughts and prayers are with you. Bless those grand babies as they are so precious. Hugs from the little ones are the best hugs...

  2. Connie, she will be pedaling that bike in no time at all. Darbee Rae is 3 and she has already moved up one size and pedals around like crazy. They are so smart, so early. Love that dark hair. She has to melt your heart.

  3. COOL bike! My daughter needs a bike like that with the handle bars for me to guide her. Right now I take her to a bike path with park on either side because she'll steer all Lovely photo!


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