Friday, May 13, 2011

Our trip to the Nation's Capitol & some good news!

Our trip went well and the Doctor said she could fix my eye…YAY!  No more double vision!  Unfortunately, it won’t clear up the scarring or floaters I still have from the aneurysm, but hey, after 22 years I’m kinda used to it. At least my eye will be realigned and the double vision will be gone! She explained the whole procedure to me and I cringed at the last part….IF YOU’RE SQEEMISH ABOUT EYES LIKE I AM, YOU MIGHT WANT TO SKIP READING THIS NEXT PART AND MOVE ON TO THE PHOTOS OF OUR TRIP! Just scroll down really fast...LOL
– she has to leave one stitch coming out of my eye so the next day she can make sure we’re both happy with the results. If not she has to pull and tweak on that stitch a bit to rearrange the muscle.  My whole body would tense up completely every time I thought about this part over the past few days. I’m now just able to type it and think about it without cringing and tensing up. Like the doctor said to me when I was squirming in the chair when she explained this to me…..”After everything you’ve been through, you think THIS is bad???” And she’s right! I’ve been through so much worse in my lifetime! She said it will only feel like pulling out an eyebrow hair and only lasts 1 –2 seconds. So I guess I’m gonna pull up my big girl pants and have it done! It will be sometime in the next 6 months. I’ll have to be in Ottawa anywhere from 2-4 days and won’t be able to do any lifting or anything strenuous for 2 weeks. Unfortunately that means I won’t be able to lift Miss Pearl so I’ll need some help in that area. My wonderful family will help me out…aren’t families great? I know mine sure is and I know how lucky I am to have their love and support. The doctor also said that it’s possible that I will have to have it done 2 or 3 times in my life as it’s not the eye causing the problem, it’s my brain. Apparently it’s very common in people that have had any kind of head trauma…interesting! All this time I thought it was because my eye was moving to the area where it could see through the scarring. They sure can do amazing things to a person compared to 50 years ago!

Some photos I took of the Parliament Buildings in Ottawa. Click to enlarge...the detail in the construction of these buildings is amazing!

Supreme Court of Canada

Here are a few more random photos of Ottawa...typical overcrowded city but as you can see in the photos it was a warm spring day with clear blue skies which made it easier to swallow - not a fan of big cities at all!

The tulips are blooming everywhere in the city.

Hope you all have a warm sunny weekend!

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  1. Connie, So proud you got a good report from the doctor. Yep, I too hurt when I read what they will do to you, but at least it will only be for a few seconds. And afterward you can let the family pamper you. Kinda like a mini vacation. I am so glad something can be done. Will have to keep us posted as to when the surgery will take place. Love the pictures. Looks like a beautiful place. Take care.


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